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the PURE ORANGE RIVER expedition

12 January - 17 April 2009

Solo, source to sea, photo and film expedition, documenting landscapes and current timeline of the Senqu Orange Gariep River of Southern Africa by Rob Wilson.

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4 December 2009 - 27 January 2010

A seven-week, road and river journey, fact-finding expedition to travel the length of the Senqu-Orange-Gariep River from sea to source.

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the SJOA RIVER expedition

5 July - 16 July 2010

Scott Martin joined Rob & Ine for the first full descent of the Sjoa River in Norway from the source at Høgvaglbreen to the confluence with the Lågen.

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the DRIVA RIVER expedition

18 July - 5 August 2010

The Driva River in Norway starting below Mt. Snøhetta flows north and west to Sunndalsfjorden. With raft and kayak, 16 days of adventure in another successful source to sea expedition by Scott Martin, Ine and Rob.

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