The Pure Orange Expedition Journal - Bridges and rapids

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Great day on my mom’s birthday - had a chat with her on the river just after departing.

Made a good distance - approximately 50 to 60 kilometres. Great flow all day - river was up in the morning after the rains and was back to its usual orange/brown colour after the turquoise green release of the Vanderkloof Dam.

Noted that the names on river right hand are in English and names on river left shore in Afrikaans.

Went under four or five bridges today. Secured the camera in its waterproof housing on bow and look forward to seeing footage of several good Class 3 rapids. Yeah!

Finally moved into dry weather after the last two weeks of storms ... rain, thunder and lightning. I could have paddled for ever today - amazing how rapids and good flow get the motivation going.

Bird life was incredible ... bee eaters all along the shore ...  and I even saw two owls at dusk.

I went further than planned - when the going is good ... go with it! Boat handling in bigger water is tricky - got to keep the momentum otherwise boat stalls and loses control easily. I have a lot of food supplies with me, which also slows me down.   

Looking at maps this evening, gets me excited for the next two days ... could be a sweet ride.

‘Take it easy’ - the song in my head today. I had paddled from eight thirty this morning until 6p.m. I am freaking knackered but happy knackered - will sleep like an angel. Mom - love you and happy birthday!!