The Pure Orange Expedition Journal - No rain, no bites!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Departed the ant crazy camp at about 08h30 - heavy dew on the tent. Freaking ants everywhere - crawling all over me while I was waiting for the tent to dry.

Yeah! Awesome boating day. Rapids all the way - a few slower pools, but always the rapids to get you going again. The biggest rapid run so far - an entry curling wave in to a boiling  drop and then through a tight gap, which would have destroyed my boat if I had gone through sideways. I gave a big air punch on exit !!

Most of the river flowed through black calm water and stone and eroded basalt - potholes with smooth pebbles. The surrounding land is harsh and dry - little shade, with hot, hot sandy beaches. The landscape has also flattened out - wide views of the horizon.

There is evidence on a sandy beach of commercial river trips. I saw a zebra briefly and four hartebeest.

I have entered an area of heavy commercial farming. It sounds as if they are still busy now at night; I can hear trucks tipping rocks and the beeping of reversing vehicles, but it could also be a diamond mine. I had passed what looked like a mine at Kameeldrif, which was an ugly sight after being in the wilderness.

I cooked early this evening and tried to catch some fish with peas from the tin, but they were too soft and just fell off the hook. I then used some of the Woolies biltong my mom had brought to Gariep. Still caught nothing but it was a fun evening.

Have set a night line and will check later ...