The Pure Orange Expedition Journal - Vaal confluence

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I got to the confluence at 10 this morning - no wind and the humidity is super high with random storms around, 36°. A great cloudy morning keeping the sun off the body but all to clear later.

I had a good river with a weir and rapids at the start of the day. The pool headed north into the confluence was long with a big swell and waves ahead.

At the basic camp site on the confluence, I met a fellow named Isak - we shared a few cigarettes while I chilled for half an hour and took photos and video. The river then headed south and I floated on the swell for an hour without making a stroke. The Vaal River was coming up with lots of weeds and debris.

I got stung twice by a hornet as I headed up a kloof looking for a shady spot for lunch. Got a text message from my sister, Jean, that the Gariep was now at 103%, and overflowing, so expected to get some of that overflow in the next couple of days.

The river level was great ... high, but not too pushy and I looked for flat stretches to keep me moving.

Have camped high for the night as I don’t know how much water is going to come down from the Vaal/Orange. Also, an early dinner as I can see a storm building up around, though no rain yet.

Fireflies are attracted to the red light of my headlight - they waltz over the tent, following as I move my head working.