The Pure Orange Expedition Journal - 2 rapids and a snooze

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Took it nice and slow this morning - it was pleasant, cool in the shade until about ten. Pumped water, ate breakfast and slowly packed the boat ... enjoying the vista upriver. I knew it was going to be a short day as I wanted to spend another night in the canyon. Also, I am stalling a bit as I am meeting Ine and Brett at Blouputs, which is only about 4 kms away, on Saturday.

The rapids today were a bit mellower than yesterday. A move or two on the entrances, but good, fun, roller-coaster stuff - exploding waves, slick entrance tongues, boiling eddies and the odd hole to keep you focused.

I was well satisfied with my descent into the gorge and getting through all the rapids. It was awesome to have been able to run the rapids .... portages would have taken quite a while! It was a good water level for these particular rapids (it would have been pretty good fun in a raft as well!).

I spent the afternoon snoozing under a rock ledge as the mercury slid up to about 37°C. I listened to the reeds rustling in the wind, water getting pushed off the natural obstacles in the swift current, doves cooing in the trees and fish eagles calling to each other.

I am going to be back near civilisation soon - it was a real treat to be in the Augrabies Gorge.