The Pure Orange Expedition Journal - Brett´s birthday

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cruisy morning - letting Brett choose the time of his wakening - it’s the 39th year of his life.

A double coffee session ... the release of the previous evening’s captured scorpion ... and we immersed in the river before heading out. 

Soon after we found some mineral springs and again soaked our bodies - this time in the hot water - cleansing the pores on our sun-hardened skin.

The boating was easy and smooth as we headed south for the day ... paddling, chatting, drifting, silently observing our home of the last few days. 

A section through the channel had us searching for a shady spot for lunch. Shade! ... and a variety of good foods spilled out of the dry bags and into our bellies.

More cruisy water for about half an hour and we came across a fun surfing rapid. There was a great campsite on the rocks, so we spent the afternoon swimming, surfing the kayaks ... and Brett’s big fat Thermarest was the boogie board!

We cooked up dinner before sunset, which was good so that we could sit by the fire into the night and talk of past and present adventures. 

Brett rode out the sunset on his birthday wave ... Happy birthday, my friend.