The Pure Orange Expedition Journal - Change in scenery, Camp 68

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Was a pretty cruizy day with good strong flow , only touched the sandy bottom a few times today with the blades in the wider sections . i still have a river full of water .

The scenery changed considerably today from the rocky hills and mountains to a wide open landscape of sand dunes and low sandy hills .

The Sir Ernest Oppenheimer Bridge is just visible about 5 km’s down river from where i am camped on a patch of scratchy grass and cracked semi-dry mud .

I have decided to take a chance and just paddle under the bridge . i will deal with security issues if it presents itself . The plan is to get up at 3:30 am for the final push of about 17/18 kms to the end of this incredible journey . i want to get under the bridge whilst the rest of the world is sleeping .

I am avoiding emotions at the moment as their is still a task at hand . Strangely i have no cell coms as i had agreed to make coms with my folks to arrange a meeting place at the take-out . I am sure they are wondering what and where the f--k is their son .

The air is cool , windy and wet here close to the Atlantic Ocean . My tent is already soaked and the sun has just gone down . The Mosquitos are in full force in this swampy ,marshy area and there is a constant droning hum surrounding my tent as they sense fresh blood and stinky river man in their territory .

A dinner of a half loaf bread , tin of tuna and tin of Chakalaka and a few stories from the Roald Dahl book i have borrowed in my tent and now i want to go to sleep , but i cant ..... the eyes just wont close ....