The Senqu Orange Gariep Expedition Journal - As luck,magic or belief would have it ...

Friday, 22 January 2010

Our little cave/shelter had visitors in the early hours of the morning. A man on a horse and his dog. We lay in the tent shallow breathing at the unknown outside. A few sniffs, a touch of the the tent and they moved off.

Clawing into wet gear, we are aware of this last day on this river for a little while. Our bodies are tired from the last 8 days of pushing. The bridge near Mokhotlong, chocolate, warm showers and shuttle are on our minds.

Flat pools, fun rapids, sandbanks, the confluences of the Moremoholo and Mokhotlong rivers.

We get close to the cell tower and we think the bridge is nearby, about 42 turns and 2 hours later it comes into view. On approach we see a vehicle arrive at the bridge and stop. They are intrigued by us.

Lucky for him, he gets to meet us personally and he drives down to where we have exited the river. The first thing i ask him, “can you give us a lift”.  “Yes”, he says .

Chucked the boats and ourselves on the back, and all of a sudden we were back at Molumong Lodge for R100 where we were 9 days ago. Both of us were beaming from ear to ear. Mission completed with 1 of the easiest and fastest shuttles ever.

In quick time we graze a large packet of sweet chilli chips, sort out all our gear, just before the afternoon rain came in.

As luck, magic, belief would have it .. we have moved through time with  favourable karma behind our backs - carrying us through this incredible river system.

Rob Wilson