The Driva Expedition Journal - Shaky my limbs

Sunday, 18 July 2010

This is our last day to make final arrangements before we head into the mountains again. I spent some time grinding the last of our incredibly delicious Kinetic coffee and decanting it into zip lock bags. The aromas of the coffee led me to making a big brew for the crew. I received a few emails and phone calls from loved ones back home.

I realised the magnitude of our source to sea journey, my heart started beating and legs got a little shaky. I took a walk down to the river from our base and stared into the clear moving water, took a few deep breaths and relaxed, regaining my bearings again.

“ Double check all your camera batteries are charged”, I heard Rob call out from his office. I sifted through the numerous cables now plugged into the wall I recheck my batteries to ensure they were charging.

All set, here we go!

Scott Martin