The Sjoa Expedition Journal - Faukstad to Øvre Høgvagltjønnen, the source!

Monday, 5 July 2010

We are at 1600 masl standing next to the glacier river coming out of Høgvagl glacier in Jotunheimen Nationalpark. This is where the furthest away water running into the Sjoa river comes from. The source is surrounded by 2000 meter high peaks and glaciers. The weather is typical Norwegian summer weather; changing rapidly between rain, wind, sun and mist. The temperature sits between 5 and 10 degrees celsius. We are in high mountain terrain with sharp, mossy, loose rocks and running water everywhere. It is beautiful in the colors of blue’s, green’s and grey’s. Now it is us, our boats and what we need to negotiate down the river from here to the confluence with the Lågen river covering 104 km in 12 days., dropping from 1446 to 294 masl. We are stoked to be here to map this river and it’s surroundings.  

Ine Skjørten