The Sjoa Expedition Journal - Lake crossing, food drop, recharge, boat change

Friday, 9 July 2010

2.30am I heard something large sniffing on the side of my tent. I slowly unzipped the rain cover, peered out and was face to face with a cow. Cow, please don’t stand on my paddle!

I was hoping the wind would die down but all I could see was white caps of lake Gjende. We floated with the tail wind past waterfalls and beaches; I tried to look for hikers on the famous Besseggen trail.  Met Tank and Anna with our car at Gjendesheim for a food drop, boat swop, recharge camera batteries and ice cream.

I squeezed my gear into my new vessel, a Robson, Charger. Feeling nervous about being in a boat I’ve never paddled before, now loaded with gear we heading into the Sjoa river. Our first rapid was a good one with an exposed line down the middle. Followed by another great rapid under Maurvangen Bridge.  

The wind is still howling off the mountains and down the valley.

Scott Martin