The Driva Expedition Journal - 15 Days on D´ RIVA

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Low, misty clouds, seagulls, an alluminum factory with a mirrored fjørd were our hosts as we floated into our journeys end.

The washroom at last nights camp at Furu Camping had a 3 dimensional, tilted panoramic view from the fjørd looking east and south. The furtherest point shown on the map, a tiny litttle bump sitting at the top of the map was labelled Snøhetta.

The 4 season tundra at source, into the tree zone at approx. 1150 m. Camping, boofing, kiting, waterfalls, fishing cabins, riverine forests, portages, 4+ Graura, rice and fish again, timelapses ...

We started there and then went there and then there and also there as i traced my finger down our river/mountain descent.

Had a little spring in my step back to our cabin, remember clearly putting my gear on and kinda wishing it was not the last time, and then i had a thought, will probably be back on the water on friday or saturday back at work (´it´s not like, it´s the last time`)

Scott, Ine and myself succesfully decended the full lengths of the Sjoa and Driva rivers, this is our first insight to continue documenting these rivers for published guide books.

Rob Wilson