Friday, 1 March 2013

We came home two weeks ago, after an 8 week, 8 and a half 1000 kilometre roadtrip. Roadtrippin’ as we like it with a tent, toys and one spoon each for all meals We enjoyed the family gathering for xmas in Cape Town, lunches with Brett, Tania & Isabel, best ever trip on the Orange Gorge with Ashley, Scott & friends, then lovely days with Hannah, PM & the girls. Traveling up the east coast we surfed at all the classic locations, kayaked a few new runs and witnessed wildlife & wide open spaces. Tsitsa Falls was heaven with Angela, Adrian, Nika and all the furry ones. After peaceful days next to the falls we ventured to Swaziland, kayaked the Usuthu and were 100% tourists at Swazi candles for a day before meeting Shane and changing destination to the Umzimkulu Thrombi Fest. Rob competed, i took photos and practised my skills of moving slowly in the heat. The last days were spent on a low Vaal @ Parys, meeting up with Celliers and with Jacques in Johannesburg. Precious time with Gran, little Jaimie, Jean & Simon and a last lunch in the sunshine with wine, with Elizabeth & Gavin. Frida is stoked to have us home, and so are we to see her, get to know the new house and greet the early spring!

We would like to express to each and everyone of you, a big thank you for being you and for the times we had together. 

Words by Ine.