Orange River - The River Guide

Monday, 15 January 2018

Sympathetic, empathetic, observer, debater, natural beauty appreciator, ferry-glider, river reader, confident swimmer, vehicle and trailer packer, long distance driver, all day paddler, helper, sharer, potato peeler, improvisor, barefoot life-styler, smiler, master plan creator, back-up planner, shoulder to lean on, muscles to rely on, river skills updater, open-minded, storyteller, love the sun, love to roll in the mud, love the river, love the people, love living, love the sandy sleeping bag, three course dinner on an open fire cooker, stargazer, bugs and birds spotter, educator, listener, pot washer, lifesaver, first aider, slow traveller, problem solver, accurate rope thrower, precise rope coiler, wave surfer, team player, tent-pitcher, beach-soccer player, cooler box packer, toilet cleaner, fire starter, paddle collector, sun-rise lover, sun-set appreciator, speedy shopper, drinks & snacks server, ice preserver, map reader, delegator, open-eyed & open-minded, trail finder, eddy catcher, and boat repairer… are a few of the attributes required.

words by Rob Wilson

illustration by Ine Skjørten Wilson