river  exposure


Kayak Instruction and Safety

Sjoa Kajakksenter -  Sjoa, Norway, kayak instruction

Rescue 3 Norge - Norway, whitewater rescue courses

Gene17 - kayak clinics, Norway & Europe

Heidal IL Padleklubb - Sjoa, Norway

Photography and Media

Scott Martin Images - Expedition Photographer

Canoe & Kayak USA - USA, paddle magazine

Kayak Session Magazine - France, paddle magazine

Padling Magasin Norge - Norway, paddle magazine

Stokelab Magazine - extreme sports magazine

KANU magazin - Germany, paddle magazine

Playboating@JP - Japan, paddle magazine

Kayaking Gear & Equipment

Fluid Kayaks - Recreational & WW kayaks, South Africa

Sweet Protection - ski, bike & kayak protection, Norway

Avalancha - Customised PFD´s, Argentina

Snap Dragon Designs - Spray skirts/decks, USA

Devold - Wool under & outer clothing, Norway

Frig - Beanies from Nedre Heidal, Norway

System X Distribution - River Equipment, Europe

Strie Strømmer - River Equipment, Sjoa, Norway

Paddlers First - Gear for paddlers, Buenos Aires

Water Levels and Guages

Sjoa River - Norway (GLB)

Orange River - Southern Africa (DWAF)

Commercial Rafting

Opplev Oppdal - Rafting, Driva River, Norway

Heidal Rafting - Rafting, Sjoa River, Norway

Sjoa Rafting - Rafting, Sjoa River, Norway

GO Rafting - Rafting, Sjoa River, Norway

Kalahari Outventures - Rafting, Orange River, South Africa

Aquatrails - Rafting, Gear Rental, Orange River, South Africa

Voss Rafting Senter - Rafting, Voss, Norway

Gravity Adventure Tours - Rafting, South Africa

Franklin River Rafting - Rafting, Franklin River, Tasmania

River Festivals & Kayak Competitions

Sjoa River Festival - kayak, extreme races, clinics, freestyle

National Womens Raft Team - Norway

Norwegian Whitewater Cup - Kayak Race Series, Norway

The logos below represent the community of businesses that have been involved in the support of our endeavours.

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