Introducing The RI7ERINES

These are the caricatures you will meet in our Ri7er Comix and maybe down at the river someday.

They could be described as riverine animals with human characteristics, or lotic sapiens with animalistic attributes. Some are straight up half animal/half human, some of them act or are sub-human & some of them are spot-on replicas of zef humans.

Hand drawn then digitally modified, ever evolving through time and space. They will be joined by family, enemies, heroes, new species and other zef characters in the near future. Either way the river flows, we trust they represent the lotic humanimal in all of us.


Himantopus gul

She is a rare cousin of the Stilt family. The unusual & easily recognisable ruffled yellow colouring of her feathering is attributed to the high dosage of the Y ingredient in the CMYK levels created during digital conception.

Conveniently, nearly always at the right time and place to witness the evolution, but more often than not the devolution of the human within the riverine environment. Short and quirky quips confirms Bills´ observations and commentaries.

Never far from fresh moving water and enjoys a diet of frog, fish, shrimp and larvae ideally wrapped in a layer of silky river grass, sushi-style.


Ardea commentarus

He is a member of the Heron family. Uniquely identified by his lanky height, cinnamon toned feathering and cryptic eloquence.

Bill chases the summer, and often found in the companionship of his best friend, Beek. He enjoys observing & commenting on the antics and shenanigans created by the attempts of the human race to place itself within the confines of a lotic environment.

A strict practitioner of the see-food-diet. Bill sees food and eats it. Spring offerings of lemmus lemmus are a particular favourite.


The Ri7erines are a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons, animals or subjects of the natural world is purely intentional. Identifying details have been obscured to either protect or expose the names, characters, businesses, places, events, incidents & individuals involved.

These comix are intended as a substitute narrative to the propaganda of unethical politicians & their corrupt defenders, river damming governments & their short-sighted collaborators and the earth damaging & river polluting corporations and their money-grabbing financiers.

The reader should consult - either their conscience, witchdoctors, shamans, the old and wise and fact based history with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention due to sense of humour failure from consumption of the portrayed information.