Sjoa Playrun

Grade 2 & 3

* There are a variety of options including difficulty and distance which we will decide on during the request & booking process.

* The upper section starting in Heidal is a good introduction to the Sjoa and for those who are wanting to upgrade from beginner to intermediate level. Repeated laps on this milder version of the playrun will get confidence into your strokes and moving down continuous flow.

* The playrun is also perfect for those who used to paddle Grade 3 & 4, but have not paddled in a while, and want to get back into the whitewater paddling game.

Sjoa Åsengjuvet

Grade 3 & 4

* We shall consider this route if you have a good eskimo roll, have a good understanding in reading whitewater and are able to control and manoeuvre your boat as required in continuous Grade 3, and are now looking to push your skills.

* There are several must make moves which may require detailed scouting of the bigger rapids to visualise options.

* Longer sections of continuous whitewater will get us practicing effective on the move communication that translates to safety & cover.

* Plenty of opportunity to practice your boof and dry-bow techniques.

* Reactionary & diagonal wave approach and execution can be explored on the walls, many tight bends and large boulders in this secluded canyon.

Otta River

Grade 2 & 3

* This is a medium volume, wide river at normal flows with long rapids in an open valley.

* The upper is a little easier with big calm eddies which aid in practicing the eskimo roll & the training of basic skills for the less experienced.

* The lower has 1 bigger rapid amongst others to test boating skills & provides a larger arena for scouting skills.

* Both sections together, make for a satisfying & challenging 20km+ river run for those progressing from beginner to intermediate level.

Lågen River

Grade 1 & 2

* We utilise the 7km from soon after the Sjoa River confluence. This is a wide, strong & slower moving section of river with small wave trains, strong eddy lines and continuous flow.

* Basic and essential skills like ferrying, boat edging and boat control in moving flow will be repetitive.

* Short routes for multiple laps is great for repetition.

* Deep eddies with easy access to shoreline safety for fine-tuning the eskimo roll.