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Kayak Sjoa Guest Comments

Markus Engler (Switzerland)

It was simply an outstanding experience to paddle with the two of you for a week thanks to your way of guiding us. I can but hope, that it was not the last time.

Ivo Hammer (Estonia)

I really enjoyed kayaking with you last year.

And I am planning to come to Sjoa together with my wife this year.

Can you guide us too – 5 days?

Anders Olstad (Norway)

Thanks again for a great day on Thursday.

Spent a couple of hours today in a small river at Bygdin training in/out eddies (with a draw/holding stroke) and the paddling techniques/excercises you showed me - and it really worked. So now I am all fired up and cannot wait for next season (and meanwhile learning the eskimo roll during the winter)...!  

Daniel Trier  (Denmark)

Thanks you so much for three truly wonderful days. Not only was it fun - I can also feel how your guidance improved my paddling. So once again: Thanks!


* Healthy body & mind.

* Provide your own WW kayaking equipment.

* Kayak, PFD, paddle, spraydeck, helmet & airbags.

* Throw-bag & Rescue gear

* Kayaking equipment rental options are limited in Sjoa, let us know early if needing equipment.

* NB. Missed rolls and swims will always happen, however as a general booking condition, an eskimo roll is required as a minimum to join a Kayak Sjoa guided tour, instructional trip or descent.

* A vehicle to help with shuttles.

If not, no problem. Let us know if arriving in the Sjoa Valley by bus or train in the booking request form.

* Provide your own meals & refreshments, except for Sjoa Descents.

* We will help determine section of river, based on your past & recent paddling experiences & current water levels. If we have not paddled together before, we may start with Grade 1 or 2 warm-up.

* The final decision on river route or section of river is decided the day before and may even be finalised the day of kayaking and communicated via phone/sms.

* We meet to go kayaking at the pre-planned take-out and/or put-in to drive the shuttle. We like it a lot when you are ready & geared up. This will give us more river time together.


* The Sjoa River has relatively easy roadside access for most sections and routes for evacuation.

* We are trained - Rescue 3 Norge - skilled & experienced in rescue & safety situations and take you on routes we know well.

* PLANET RIVER carries telephone, rescue equipment, 1st Aid kit, spare paddle & extra thermals on tours and trips.

* We provide a waterproof box for personal/medical items.

* In the event of high/flood waters on the Sjoa and its tributaries, we can move our guided tours and instruction trips to nearby watersheds like the Otta, Driva & Atna.

River Wear

* Thermal layers with drysuit is ideal or a combination of long-john wetsuit, 2 x wool/thermal layers under a dry top, wool socks, river booties or river shoes.

* Skull caps and gloves/pogies are recommended for the early spring and late autumn months.

* Dress appropriately for river conditions, water temperature and portage terrain.



* Guided trips, instruction tours and descents are available from 1 May to 1 October.

* Rates advertised are based on 5 hour sessions, starting at 9am. Longer sessions are available on request.

* Rates are charged, per person in Norwegian kroner.

* Please see Terms & Conditions

* A photographer is available on request at an additional rate. They will document your experience and the images will be available as digital negatives.