aerial manoeuvres : Often associated with freestyle kayaking, but not limited too. The paddler is able to manoeuvre their kayak/river craft above the waters´ surface using a combination of either/or both paddle strokes, shifting/transferring of body weight and utilising the momentum and force of the rivers moving features.

afloat : Too be on or above the waters surface.

aggradation : A geological term for the deposition of sediment, typically by a river which increases the land elevation. Also known as alluviation.

airscrew : A freestyle kayaking trick. Starting from a front surf and bouncing the kayak airborne and rotating the kayak over the body before landing in a front surf.

alluvial river : A river that has its channels shaped by periodic flooding. This causes the redistribution of transport sediment due to erosion and depositing.

alluvium : The deposit of gravels, clays, silt and sand delivered by river flow in a river valley floodplain or delta.

amphibious : Able to live on land and in water.

anchor : The securing of ropes to a fixed point or position.

arroyos : Spanish word for, a dry creek that has intermittent water flow.

artificial river : Controlled environment created for whitewater sports, commercial activities and competitions in areas/regions with irregular flows, low or no gradient and high density population and which have access to the necessary supply of water.

ascender : A mechanical device that can be attached to a rope to assist ascent.

avulsion : Is the formation of a new river channel, often occurring in deltas when the sediment builds up in an older channel and the water is forced rapidly to abandon it, and form a new channel.